Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Can it be 2015 already??

 "Diocletian Palace" in Split Croatia ~ 300AD!
6"x 4"  original watercolor

I loved this angle, the blue sky just brings you up.

Korcula, Croatia
4"x 6" original watercolor
They just put up the Christmas tree in the square

In case you did not know, Linda had a wonderful
opportunity to go with Joan, her girlfriend on a
small ship cruise to Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia

and Herzegovina.   I stayed home and played
bachelor for 15 days.  I learned how much I missed
her!  Anyway, I was excited to paint a few of the photos
she took.  The limestone is so old...

I just looked back and was surprised to see I have
been Blogging and doing "A Painting A Day"
for 8 years!  It has become a little harder to do it
daily but don't think for a moment I am not painting
daily!!  I am juggling classes which started yesterday

and of course it snowed so half my class made it!
I started a large estate commission which I will post
when I have permission.  Linda is closing out our
year and reading show applications.  Just keep rolling


Thought I would share some Holiday photos of our
kitties...   handsome boys!

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