Friday, October 21, 2011

Checking in...

I get emails from clients and friends about what
I post and this was in my inbox this morning and
I thought it was such a kind thing to say that I am
sharing it. 
Andy, I’m a little confused on your Tuesday Oct 18th posting on daily painter. “no special paints for the
copper and no fancy tricks”.  I believe it’s magic aka
a very gifted and talented artist
J, and “color flowing
off the brush”.  I would definitely agree to that.  I
remember in class you were always fearless with
the colors (dark and light) and your demos (very good stuff).

Corey Fou Chong
Corey took a class from me and has huge potential.
He is juggling a job. a baby, a home life and painting...
Check out his work..

I am set up and ready for you to see me tomorrow at:
Crafts in the Meadow
Held at Tyler State Park
10 Stable Mill Trail, Richboro PA
Sat. 10-6 & Sun. 10-5 ~ Rain or Shine

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