Thursday, October 20, 2011

Best of the Web...

I opened my email to nice news this morning.   My blog was
chosen as "Best of the Web" by Pocket Change.  The editor
said, "I’ve been looking through your blog and I really
appreciate your great paintings and thoughts in art in general.
I also enjoyed the way you feel free to speak about whatever
crosses your mind while still  tying it into the theme of
your blog, it makes  for a varied read". 
Check it out... 
Pocket Change, Best of the Web     (scroll to the bottom)

This weekends show:
Crafts in the Meadow
Held at Tyler State Park
10 Stable Mill Trail, Richboro PA
Sat. 10-6 & Sun. 10-5 ~ Rain or Shine
$1 off coupon on promoters site...

Open House Update:
I gave the OK to the color on the prints so they are a go.
I will show you the new choices next week.  Meanwhile,
I am painting, working on another requested painting
from Linda.  Its looking really good, I hate when she's right!
Linda went to Miller Printing who is working on the
invitation. They are still playing with wording.
I have not seen it but she always does a good job.
I do know money is flying out the door faster than I am
bringing it in.  Linda ordered rolls of kraft paper, we use
it to cover the back of each painting and print.  An order
went out for hangers and tape and I see lots of paperwork
for mats and frames.  It is better that I don't look around
Linda's desk!  I was sent to the post office for 3410 stamps
which is not even half the order... you can do your own math!
I need to go back to my painting...

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