Monday, October 24, 2011

25 Days till Open House...

20"x22" original watercolor ~ untitled
This will be ready for Open House!

Open House Update:Linda stayed home this weekend while I did the show.
She claims she was working but I see signs of work done
in the garden!  Although all 6000+ mailing labels are
printed and on her desk so she must have been working a
little.  Today I went to my printer to watch the run
of my new prints, that is always a thrill. 

I had a question:  I was asked if I get sick of painting so
much or mind the pressure to paint for Open House
I have always had a good work ethic.  I always put in my
8 hour work day because in the early years Linda had a
regular job and I felt I needed to work as hard and long
as she did.  So I practiced self discipline and painting even
if I did not "feel" like it.  I learned if I just sat down and
started something pretty soon the excitement would follow
or I would get into the challenge.   I added "Painting A Day"
a few years ago and that really focused me to starting and
finishing a miniature daily.   So I do not feel pressured
to create, it already is part of my routine.   There is pressure
of painting dynamite work, that pressure is somewhat self
inflected, I want to show a great collection of new work.  I
want Linda to stand back when they are all on display and
tell me this is the best grouping yet.  The thrill is in the
challenging pieces, creating them to the best of my ability. 
The variety of subjects keeps me from boredom.  Each new
subject evokes a fresh memory from where I saw it.   And
then there is this little thrill I get when the doors open and
clients are standing there and can't wait to get in and see all
my new work.  And the greatest compliment is when
someone falls in love with one and must own it!
So... no, I do not get sick of painting!


Connie Chadwell said...

This is just beautiful, Andy - really impressive work!

Corey Fou Chong said...

Andy, I really like the colors and values in the book and table.