Thursday, March 12, 2009

Portrait Study #8

6"x 4" original watercolor
Contact the studio for purchase info

Humm...landscape or portrait??
Since I was studying the Amishmans
figure I am going with portrait.
This painting has a lot of shades of
green so you need to study it. It is a
true farm scene. There is corn
growing in the background.
The farmer is my focal point. He is
inspecting his tobacco which is piled
onto a wagon. I love his bow legs...
His legs alone can tell a story.

My class of older folks (I am guessing 75
years and up) went well today.
They inspire me, they are excited to paint
and charm me with their stories. Two hours
fly by. I painted in the afternoon. And then
it is off to track. This was the 4th practice.
I have 45 sprinters... Middle School...
boys and girls... I think this says it all!

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