Friday, March 13, 2009

Evening #12

4"x 6" original watercolor
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This painting is a composite of sorts.
It is a real scene from the wonderful
Canterbury Shaker Village in New
Hampshire. In the foreground is a fence
with a neat row of orange day lilies.
I took artistic licence and changed a day
scene to night time. I added the light in
the windows to give a warm welcoming
feeling and a sense of family.

I started my day with a chilly 30 mile
bike ride. Needed a long hot shower to
warm up, it was colder than I thought when
I started out. After that, I painted all day.
3-5pm track practice, and then took Linda
out for a light dinner and its back at my desk.
Linda worked on office stuff in the morning
then spent the afternoon with my Mom.

Linda added this dodad to my blog ~ down on
the right side called "Live Traffic Feed"
I love it!!! It tells me where the people looking
at my blog live. It has entertained me all day!!

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Delilah said...

Very nice painting a day Andy