Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Portrait Study #7

4"x 6" original watercolor

I wanted to stretch my range today. I have
been painting still life and landscapes for a
while... This one was a bit of a challenge and
I enjoyed myself. I was concentrating on
showing motion. I painted this Amish man pulling
his wagon without showing the whole wagon.
His body shape tells he is moving forward. I think
his clothing turned out very good.
He is moving into a dark barn. The window in
the background gives you depth.

I missed yesterday, just not enough time. Rode
bike outside at 6am, taught a class in the morning.
Ran a few errands, Track from 3-5, dinner and
I painted a bit but there was not enough time to
get a blog done. So today I got up for my 6:30am
Men's Prayer Group then back home to paint all
morning. I ran out to visit with Mom and play a
few rousing Bingo rounds with the Mom and the
residents. Home for Track, which is going very
well, I have a great group of kids. Home by 5:30
to cook some steaks for my father-in-laws 75th
Birthday Dinner. I am determined to get the blog
on early tonight.

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