Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Winter Series #25

6"x 4" original watercolor

I enjoy studying the sky. Look at
the reflection in the stream. On
the right is a bridge and the woods
are covered in snow!

Remember to click over the painting
for an enlarged view. For the Daily Painters
we were asked to paint something for
Valentines Day. I already had this
started by the time I remembered so...
use your imagination... two sweethearts
strolling along the pathway, holding hands
saying sweet nothings... its the best I can
do today!!

We had a another rough day here at the Smith
house, making decisions on my Moms care.
There is no "good" decision. My Moms income
is limited and we had to find a nursing home
with a good physical therapy department
and an available bed. Taking her there
and then leaving her there was one of the
hardest things I have had to do. There is
a huge difference between a retirement
community and a nursing home. This is
not the way a person should end their life.
And it makes you think long and hard about
your own last chapter.

Thank you to everyone who has sent kind
and encouraging words. Many of you have
had to make the same sets of decisions and
we appreciate your support. Meanwhile I

am painting inspiring sunrises and views that
instill a peacefulness of spirit.

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