Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pottery #12

4"x 6" original watercolor

I needed a total change of pace today
so I went with a still life. I found this
stack of pottery on an old shelf when
I went to Landis Museum looking for
holiday subjects. Love the muted

If you watched the news you saw my town
of Lititz got blasted with 12" of snow last
night. While a few miles in any direction had
a dusting. It was pretty wild. My morning
was spent shoveling! Then I went to check
on my Mom. Linda needed a day at home,
all these decisions are pretty stressful. Mom
was in a wheelchair and was on her way to play
bingo. The plan is to keep her busy and out of

her room. So I played bingo. Linda made a
big pot of vegetable soup; cooking is her therapy.
I finally started painting at 5:00 and after
spending the morning shoveling I was not
painting a winter scene!

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