Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Holiday Window #4 - relisted

4"x 6" original watercolor

This painting is being relisted. The
original auction transaction had complications
so I am giving you a second chance.

Here is what I originally said...
This painting has a softer feel to it. There is
a bench placed under the window, warm blue
shutters and nice brickwork. This time the
wreath is hung inside the window with...yes,
a little bit of red ribbon!

The day started with my advanced class which
I totally enjoy. It does not require my actual
teaching as much as companionship and sharing.
They occasionally need me to do something but
they are a talented bunch. Linda was running
back and forth all morning with my Mom. A new
person came to handle a bath and the physical
therapist came. All this "help" should make life
easier for us but it actually makes it harder. Mom
is pretty confused with who everyone is and why
they are all there. We went to a late lunch with
Linda's Mother. It is her birthday so we went to
Hayden Zugs. Here it gets messy...
Mom got out and was standing there attempting to
close the sliding back door. I thought she was safely
on the sidewalk. I started to drive away to go park
and she backed up and fell over. Linda describes it
as a long slow backwards fall. Linda is screaming,
I was horrified. Her health is precarious on good days
so this was pretty major. We got her up and she is only
shaken and sore. Nothing like trying to do in your
mother-in-law... We did continue with lunch and tried
to find the funny in the whole episode. Then it was
back home to paint. I am quitting for the night.

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