Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holiday Lights #3

6"x 4" original watercolor

Please excuse my artistic licence as I've
taken a very historic Shaker barn and added
holiday lights. There may be Shakers
rolling over in their graves because I
doubt they ever decorated for Christmas,
But I could be wrong about this!
I think Linda thinks I am committing a
sort of crime by stringing lights around the
barn but I think it looks rather nice!
I am following a theme for the week; night
time for my backdrop, strong sky featuring
stars... and holiday lights on a building.

I started getting some of our holiday things
up from the basement; get the spirit moving.
Linda is always so busy this time of year that
it is not on her top 10 fun things to do. We
spent the morning getting rid of "fall" but I am
saving one pumpkin just because I like it.
I have a commission on hold till the client

can ok the sketch so I started another one today.
I picked up a cold somewhere and am not at
peak performance; I rarely get sick, I think it
is due to the lack of bike riding!!
We met with two other couples for dinner
tonight and I love catching up with them.
It was a very nice evening.

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