Wednesday, December 10, 2008


5" x 5" original watercolor
I am asking for an artist bailout package!
Never hurts to ask!!! I am even coming to
you with a plan which is more than the other
guys offer. I will trim the fat. Cut some
of the extra benefits I give Linda; like a paid
lunch with the boss and the extra sick days she
has. On my end, I promise to use my bike more
often instead of wasting the business vans gas!
But the promise is I will slash my blog prices for
the rest of December, starting each blog at an
opening bid of only $25!! Now I hope you
understand I don't actually want to sell it that low,
my goal is to give you a good time bidding it up...
way up.
In a way I am offering you entertainment with the
excitement of bidding. In return I receive some
winter income, so go place a bid!!
Linda wanted me to tell you a few things, I am
quoting here...
Holiday paintings do not need to be hung. You
can lean or prop them on a shelf, a table, a mantle...
Move them around. Next time you are thumbing
through a magazine notice what the decorators are
doing with their paintings.
I have great holiday mini prints that make nice
hostess gifts (so Linda tells me!!) Place an order now
and we will try to ship the next day. Also if you are
stuck on a gift idea think about an Andy Smith
gift certificate!

We both are fighting bad colds so we are not
operating full steam here at the Smith house. I did
manage to finish my first commission and it was
a hit. So I have another one started that I am
enjoying and a third I am sketching and getting ready.

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