Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday check in...

I felt I needed to just check in. We spent 5 days
in Rhinebeck NY last week. Thursday was a driving
and set up the camper day. Friday was set up the
booth day. Saturday and Sunday I showed and
demonstrated. I actually finished a painting and
started another one. Monday we packed up and
drove home. We arrived home at 4:30pm with
enough time to unload the van and work in the yard.
It is a short week and Linda was stressed within
hours of being home. Tuesday I had two classes to
teach while Linda was busy with my Mom .
Porchwalk is this weekend so Linda
feels pressured to have the property looking tidy and
decorated for fall. That pressure is shared with me!!
She is on the committee so there are last moment things
for her to handle. Adding to the list is all the planning
for my annual open house. It is time for us to pick our
new print and get the open house stuff started...
Today I had another class and Linda was at
Meals on Wheels in the morning. We had to pick up 16
mums and distribute them for the Porchwalk, finished the
yard, packed the van for my show, framed some prints,
and tidied up the studio. I have been painting but my demo
painting was put on hold while I finish the ones Linda is
thinking about printing. I will return to the demonstration
on Monday. Tomorrow sounds like another hectic day...
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