Monday, October 13, 2008

painting lesson... # 5

We both survived the busy weekend filled with
two shows. Both shows went well and we roll
right into all the work that goes into making my
Annual Open House a success. The paintings are
picked for printing, in fact we have an appointment
with the printer tomorrow. Linda redesigned the
invitation. Smiths are going green! We are going to
a large postcard instead of using an envelope an
invite and two tear sheets. Saving paper and printing.
I think Linda is 3/4 finished with the new design.
My job is to paint, paint and paint some more!
So that said, I spent my whole day on the demo painting.
You need to go back to review the previous days.

Step 1... It is important to remember I have limited
my palette because it
is what the painting
requires. It becomes
a study in warm
earth tones.

I painted the pegs on
the moulding. And now
concentrating on the
windows. Start with

a wash of cad. yellow and cad. red deep
to bring out the detail. Add a bit more cad red and
a little paynes grey for darker shadowed areas. This
is fine work so dry it hard so it does not turn muddy.
I continued on both windows, over and over until I
am satisfied. Add an even darker mixture for the
darker shadows. Build and dry hard! Now lets move
on to the walls. They had nice tone but I want them
stronger and more solid. I want an old feeling. I mix
paynes grey, pthalo blue and tiny amount of permanent
rose. Use a #6-8 round brush and stroke the paper.
Again, paint and dry hard 4 times. Build that wall,
remembering where your shadows belong.

Step #2

Now the mirror. It was
untouched and the paper
bare. I outlined it first with
paynes grey and a dab of
colbalt blue. Then inside, one
wash of cad. yellow light and
then went over the glass with perm. indigo in a
dry brush fashion. Dry and then add the
reflections with paynes grey and burnt umber.

Step #3
Lastly I need to finish
the view outside the
window. I took a
moment to sketch
an idea in my
sketchbook to get
my bearings.
I wanted a fall scene.
This may not look
like much but it
is a map of what I
want to do.

Step #4
OK, I am ready to finish the window.
I sketched my outline and am ready
to add color. Now we are adding color!
I underpainted the grass with
new gambouge. Leaving three areas
negative for my trees and the sky.
The sky is underpainted with a light wash
of cad. yellow. I am going to now work my
way down the sky with cobalt and pthalo blue.
thinning it out to a lighter shade. Now the
mountains... I work a mixture of perm. green yellowish
with naples yellow and I dab it in with drybrush, leaving
spaces for other color. Dry it!! Touch in a light orange
for the trees. Now back to the grass. Use pthalo green
and burnt umber and place small drybrush brush strokes
to form grass.

Presenting...the finished painting!!


Rene said...

This is just amazing. I hope I can paint like you some day.

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Andy, thank you so much for posting the process you use to achieve such nice work. I hope you will share this with us again in the future. I think the painting turned out beautiful and I loved how you explained your patience with each layer - waiting until each is completely dry. The painting radiated with beautiful light.