Wednesday, October 1, 2008

painting lesson... day 4

I will start by sharing
a photo of my Tuesday
morning ladies. They
wanted a photo with me!

Now it is back to

This photo does not
really do it justice.
It is a bit washed out
from my flash.
I am a painter not
a photographer!

Step 1
I removed the misket and am ready to
add the lines on the floor to show the planks.
I mixed paynes gray and burnt sienna, I used a
brush that had a fine point so I could control the
line. I started in the back and painted one long
line forward for each plank.

Step 2 The Walls:
I used a mixture of
1/2 paynes grey and
1/2 cobalt blue and
washed it evenly on
wall from top to bottom.
After one wash I used
my pencil and marked
the area that will be in
shadow. Then I continued washing in the wall.
Remember to dry each wash, I cannot stress this enough.
You can see where I built darker areas to show light/dark.

Step 3 Re intensifying...
This gives you a good
overall view. Much
truer to the real
colors. Notice the
shadows on the back
wall and ceiling. On
the right end of the
bench seat I added
a wash of magenta
and cad yellow for
warmth and to help
with the contrast against the other light spot on the
bench. I keep making the bench and floor darker so
the lights stay light. My last wash is pthalo blue
and a few drops of india ink. I put this over the
shadows on the floor, under the bench and the back
of the bench and a few spots on the chair.
I am finished for today.

We are leaving in the morning for a show in Rhinebeck
NY so my lesson will be on hold till Tuesday. If you
live near Rhinebeck come out and show some support.
I will be demonstrating.

The Show:
Crafts at Rhinebeck
October 4&5
Held at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds Route 9,
Rhinebeck, NY Sat. 10-6 and Sun. 10-5
View Promoters Website:

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