Tuesday, September 30, 2008

painting lesson... day 3

Step 1 Here is a
close up of the wall.
I used miskit on the
mirror. There is a
bit more work on
the windows.

Step 2 The Chair:
I am still using the
same colors, The 1st
wash was with yellow
ochre. Now I am
adding more color to
the chair by mixing
cad red with alizarin
crimson and a touch of
burnt sienna. This is worked into just the wood of the
chair. To work the webbing on the seat, I used the
same mixture as above but painted only the lines that
form the webbing. Remember to dry hard with each
addition of washes. Now use paynes grey to go in
the webbing to enhance the lines.
Here is a view of the whole
room since working on the

Step 3 The Floor:
Yesterday I added
a bit of miskit and the
early washes now it
is time to get in some
texture, to make it look
aged. Mix some burnt
umber and permanant
rose. (more umber than
rose) You can see where I added it - where it is looking
more reddish. In the back around the chair I washed
more times to make it darker and richer because it is
in shadow. I have less washes in the front where the
sun shines. I used a drybrush technique, which means
I blotted most of the water from my brush before adding
paint, this causes the brush to drag across the paper. (with
more water in your brush the paint glides across, or runs
if you have to much water!)
This technique allows me to add texture. Notice I still have
not added any plank lines, just my pencil lines to guide me.

Step 4
I keep building the floor
color, notice I am saving
the parts where the light
from the window shines.
This is also done on the
bench. Also notice I added
the lines for the shadow
on the wall behind the chair.

The process of layering
washes continues until
I think I have reached
the look I need. I am not adding more or different paint,
I am simply using the same paints as washes and drying
in between. I am building my color saturation. Remember
I am saving my lighter areas and painting around them.
Patience... this is realism in watercolor.


Rene said...

Very helpful, too. It's great to see how you 'build' the floor. I learned a lot.

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Andy, I am enjoying your step-by-step posts so very much. Not only do you have wonderful brush control, but your perspective drawing is amazing. I only wish I had a copy of your drawing to be able to attempt to match your steps as you go. Also, you explain yourself so well, you are a very good teacher and the people who are able to take your classes are so very lucky ...
Thank you so much for these detailed posts.