Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pears in Sunlight

6" x 4" original watercolor

You can tell we went to the market!
Yesterday was peppers today is pears.
Same bowl from a different view. I
love the blue against the green with a
bit of warm yellow.

This week is flying by. It is Wednesday already.
Linda had Meals on Wheels this morning while I
took Mom to the hairdresser. I dropped her off and
ran to the hospital to visit with Linda's brother who had
some surgery. Then back to pick up Mom. I was
home by noon and Linda was already back at her desk.
I needed to play handyman, there was a few household
chores I had to do. It was 2:00 till I started painting. The
pressure is on... I have 30 days till we go to the printer
for our annual prints, this means I need to paint like a
crazy artist so Linda can pick 2 great paintings for printing.
I still have 2 commissions to finish and a daily blog!
Actually, Linda is the one who feels stressed and worried
that it won't all get done, me...I paint well under pressure!

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