Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yellowstone's Lower Falls

4" x 6" original watercolor

This is a view of Yellowstone's Lower Falls,
from Artists Point. An almost unimaginably
beautiful gorge. I choose it because of the
vastness and the colors of the rock walls that
line the sides of the river.
This area totally took my breath away.
Another "Tribute To a Beautiful Earth"

I had my day planned... Which reminds me I am not in
control. I started my morning with my men's prayer
group. Next came a comedy of errors... I somehow
spilled my whole bottle of perscription eyedrops. So I
called to order a new bottle, and of course I needed a new
perscription. Next I called the eye doctor and there was
no doctor on duty. I had to wait until the only one working
came out of surgery. So I went on my merry way to my
Artist in Residence program for three hours. That went well,
I had another full house. I was finished at noon and went for
a desperately needed haircut. I go to Champs in Lancaster,
they are a barber school, my usual guy was not there. I had
a young man who was deaf and I had to try to communicate
what style I wanted. It got down to "clip it all off"! He was a
bit rough with the clippers! I am finished and go to put on my
glasses and they are broken. This of course is my only pair since
ages ago I lost my spare pair on a bike ride. Now I am going back
to the eye doctor to get another perscription...
So now I need a trip to the mall, but needed to run home and pick
up Linda because I evidently need help picking glasses that look good.
I found a cool red pair... which I am gently reminded is why I needed help.
I now have a pretty stylin new pair of glasses and am several hundred
dollars poorer. I am back home and
to be on the safe side I think I
should just head to bed!

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