Monday, August 11, 2008

Old Faithful

6" x 4" original watercolor

I am back! I belong to the Daily Painters
Art Gallery and they requested we paint
"A Tribute To a Beautiful Earth" during August.
One of the most outstanding places I have visited
was Yellowstone. That is my painting choice today.
This view was from the back of Old Faithful looking

towards the Lodge. Steam is blocking the view
but if you have been lucky enough to visit here your
minds eye will fill in the background.
A truly inspiring piece of Earth!

I must have done a decent job as Artist in Residence
last week because the number of admirers doubled
today. I packed the room with 25! Here is the finished
painting from last week. If you follow the blog you
will remember I already painted two parts of this as a
study. Reference 7/29 and 7/17. This will be framed
in 24x18. Still untitled...any suggestions?

Today's subject was painting still life. I started with a
blank paper and they were able to watch the drawing
and the early washes while I answered questions.

I was back home by 1PM and did a bit of special order
framing and then painted the blog. Its almost 11pm and
I am just finishing. Long day, I got up at 5AM to ride
my bike... I am ready for bed.

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