Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday update...

After having good intentions of painting a blog
piece everyday this week I realized it was not
possible. Yesterday I had some errands in the
morning and then had to pack the van. Somehow
the whole day just disappeared. Today, Linda
and I finished the last class of my Artist in
Residence. I had a great time. I was able to
spend the whole time painting plus collect a
little check.

After class we went to Mount Gretna, PA to
set up for the weekend show. I thought I
would enlighten you a bit about setting up
since I do not have a painting to show. The
good thing is the show is close to home, saving
gas and we sleep in our own bed each night.
But the hard part is, this show is one of my
hardest to do. The grounds are hilly and
you cannot park anywhere near your space.
No driving onto the grounds. This means 285
vans are looking for a parking space. You must
use a dolly or carry over uneven terrain...
pushing all my equipment and paintings quite
a distance.

Lots of trips
back and

Next comes laying out our new green rug
and then putting together two sets of tents
I have a double space, I think it helps to be
able to spread out.

One tent is up
and my lovely
assistant is
working on
the second...

There are sides to put up in case of rain.
Here is a photo of my new banner.

Love seeing
my name
in print!

New rug, new banner, new box for the prints.
Linda is trying to upscale the display.
Next I need to get the display racks off the
roof of my van.

This is why
I do my
sit ups

Linda planned on 18 panels...remember I
am carrying them...a good distance!
So 4 hours later we are finished. The paintings
are covered and will be hung in the morning.
I never leave my work hung overnight. With
watercolors the paper soaks up moisture.
Don't even think about sneaking in and helping
yourself to an Andy Smith original. The booth is
secure and security is tight. Tomorrow I will
take a finished display photo for you, or
better yet, you come out to the show and
see it for yourself!

The show: Mount Gretna Outdoor Art Show
August 16 & 17
Saturday 9am-6pm and Sunday 9am-5pm
My space is B234
This is a nice quality show, nice mix of work.
admission charged

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