Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Glass Jar Study

4" x 6" original watercolor

This is a study for a new painting. I wanted
to practice the clear glass against a painted
white background. This helped me work out
the problems before starting the big one.

Here is the
drawing for
my next painting.
All clear glass!
I am ready
to start

You probably noticed I missed blogging on Monday.
I had to get up early and drive to MD to pick up
Rashetta. Rashetta came to us when she was 7 years

old as a fresh air kid from Queens, NY. After the first summer
she came every year for the whole summer and we
managed to add holidays. Now she is 24, put herself
through college and has landed a good job with Intel and
is living in CA. We are very proud of her.
She is home for a short visit.

and a
proud Dad.

Man I love when my girls come home, Linda
does the Mom thing and cooks up a storm.
Every favorite food gets whipped up and I eat
like a king!! I did manage to paint today.


Elizabeth Parsons said...

What a wonderful tribute to you and your wife to see how well Rashetta turned out! I am sure your influence, love and support made all the difference in the world... just lovely...

eBeth, enjoying the print I bought from you at the Dutchess Co. Art show!

Andy Smith said...

Thank you for the kind comment. We are very proud of Rashetta, she works hard. We had a great visit.
Hope you still enjoy the blog. Andy

Elizabeth Parsons said...

If ok with you, I've nominagted your blog as an outstanding blog- details are on my blog.
all the best,

Andy Smith said...

wow, that is very nice...thank you!