Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Evening #11

4" x 6" original watercolor $250.00

I love to paint night scenes. Here my
focus was the glow from the sunset
bouncing off the side of the house. I
painted the grass a little high as homage
to my own uncut grass!

Busy is all I can say. I am not getting as much
accomplished as I should be. Usually it is Linda
complaining about wanting more hours in her day
but right now it is me who needs it. The weekend
show was HOT. This is a very good show and it
was simply to hot for anyone to walk around. We

covered a bit above expenses but there was few
people to sell to. The high light was the chance to
stay with old friends and catch up. Plus our host

is a wonderful cook so we ate well! I did get a chance
to work on a large painting. You know the saying
about the sweat of thy brow...well, literally the sweat

was dripping off my brow as I painted! I wanted to
finish it so that's how I spent my Monday. I still need
to photo it for you to see., I will do that tomorrow.
Today I managed to get a blog finished and will try my best
to paint one the rest of this week!


Rhonda Hurwitz said...

Ive never painted a night scene, and doing it well can't have been easy. this is terrific, the values are just right and you really captured the mood. great painting.

n warner said...

Wonderfully done. Nina