Wednesday, June 11, 2008

View from the Barn

6" x 4" original watercolor $225.00

I am studying contrasts. This is a view
from inside a barn looking outside. You are
standing in the dark, brushing off the cobwebs
you walked through, feeling a little uneasy;
you keep your eye on the only light streaming
in the door. The view of the pasture is calling
you outside.

I promised to show you the painting I finished
over the weekend...

The image is 12"x16" and will be framed in white and
green mat in a 17"x21" frame.
I need to think about a title but am open to suggestions!
I must confess this is one Linda asked me to paint,
I thought it looked boring, To much green. But it
kept popping up on my paint board so I knew it was
not going away. Linda saw something in it I did not see.
I sketched it and still was not moved. Then I started
moving shades of green around, and it became a puzzle
to solve. To make it look like the trees and bushes had
depth, and to paint all that green without getting it a green
blob became quite a challenge. I started really liking it.
I used it as my demonstration over the past weekend
and finished it on Monday. It really grew on me. Now
I am pretty proud of it and am very happy with the way
it looks so I am going to say it was my idea all along!
It will be posted on my website under originals.

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