Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Portrait #4

4" x 6" original watercolor

Another portrait study from my friend from
his work in Liberia. I was drawn to the dark
hues against the stark wall behind him.
Poverty represented by a bare light bulb against
the bright hopeful colors in his garb.

I started my day with my men's prayer group at 6:30
this morning. No bike ride today. Then home to run
a few errands with Linda. Got some fresh produce at
market and then home to paint. I still manage to paint
about 5 hours. I love working on these
They satisfy me. At 3pm I had track practice,

I now only work with the runners going to the championships
next week, about 25 kids. The rest of the team is finished.
After I finish my blog I have some glass to cut down. Linda
put some prints together for framing for tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

I am the happy recipient of Portrait #4. When my office mate and friend, Alan B., observed my reaction to this watercolor gem he felt compelled to surprise me with it. I have already placed it in my bedroom where the lighting and colors blend perfectly.

This piece strikes me as a statement of the African-American experience: the fragility and destitution of our past in stark contrast to the radiance and stability that is available through faith, pride, and God's grace.

Thank you, Andy, for focusing on the faces of the Liberian/African people. I am moved by the work that you have already produced, and look forward to viewing more.


Joanne Bowden-Proctor
Philadelphia, PA