Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cabinet Door #3

4" x 6" original watercolor 
I've painted a large number of still life
watercolors in my time and have done them
justice. But every now and then I start one, all
proper and correct and just want to go a little
crazy! Throw in an element of surprise, add
some movement. Here I have suspended an
apple in mid air. I invite you, my viewer to
create your own story as to why...

For fun, you may submit a short story in the
comments section! Linda's story is that our
cat bumped it and she took off...


Anonymous said...

I like all of your work, but this one is just wonderful. My first thought was "It looks just like my cabinet". Then it took me a minute to realize what the apple was!!

Unknown said...

I have an armoire in my bedroom that looks exactly like this painting. It was made by a craftsman in the Lititz area from a cherry tree that fell down during a storm on our property in East Hempfield. The apple is my son throwing one in the air as he sat on the floor and watched the piece getting put in it's place in the room. Suezie

Anonymous said...

My take on the inspiration for this painting....there is a TV in the cabinet and the weather guy was calling for a week of cold and rain. You slammed the cabinet door shut and then threw your apple at it to vent your feelings of disgust.

Anonymous said...

Another beautiful a longtime lover of your work and own more than a few. I believe that after having returned from his long morning bike ride, Andy grabbed his snack (the apple). Just then, Linda asked him to retrieve something from the cabinet. Andy placed his apple on top. Since his hands were full, he tapped the door with his elbow to close it, gently sending the apple spiraling downward!

Anonymous said...

This painting has the aura of a piece by Magrit, if he had been a member of the Brandywine River School. The apple hanging in mid-air is so surreal, especially as Andy has done it in his "mysterious realism" style (my term). Another great one!

Grammylammy said...

Loved Alan B.'s Magritte comparison -- truly, it's visible.
However, I'm very sure that Andy's Brandywine-filtered take on a cabinet door #3 was far more humor fueled!
Pleased to know you folks liked my Apple Story #2 Andy & Linda, thanks for putting it on your blog. C U soon. Cheers, Eileen N-B