Thursday, April 24, 2008

Petite #7~ Sunrise

3"x 4" original "petite"watercolor

Sunrise over the ocean.
I think that pretty much says it all.

This is a petite and should have special
framing, I recommend floating it. There is
no white paper edge typical of a watercolor.
I also put a polymer non-yellowing satin
glaze over it. Just because I like the finished look.
I only use a glaze occasionally and only on petites.
Also I started the bidding at only $1.00 so
absolutely everyone has a chance to bid on it!

I just got back from the second track meet
for this week. Much better results than Tuesday!
Both boys and girls won. I had my painting finished
before I left so I am getting my blog done early for
a change. Linda's allergies knocked her hard today.
She had it under control until this morning. The
pollen count must be off the charts today. I encourage
drugs and then leave her alone! Of course it doesn't
keep her out of her garden. This weekend is our last
free weekend. I am sure we are going to pack it full.
My shows start again in May with a show in
Richmond, VA. Please take a moment to go to my
website and click on "schedule" and see if I am showing
close to you. Feel free to spend you IRS refund check
at my booth!!

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