Monday, April 28, 2008

Building #2

6" x 4" original watercolor $275.00

A pleasant painting. Lush green grass
against a nice blue sky with sweeping clouds.
There is sunshine laying against the side of
the house but it is subtle. The white of the
building and the clouds is my paper!

We lost a tree in the Sunday morning storms. It fell
across the sidewalk and onto our fence, it pulled down
cable and phone lines and did some other damage.
So today was filled with insurance, and estimates and
all that fun stuff. It rained again today so the tree guys
could not clear it away. Hopefully tomorrow.
Track was also cancelled which gave me extra time to get
my painting done. I need to get the camper set up and
aired out because we are using it this weekend at our
show in Richmond, VA. I am waiting on the sun.
My busy show season officially starts. Packing every
thing the first time is always fun. Lucky for me Linda takes
care of organizing it all, I just load it. Then its not my fault
if its missing!

I heard the stimulus checks are starting to arrive so remember
you are to use it to stimulate the economy. Feel free to
stimulate my way. I have a good selection of originals
and prints all hand made in the USA. You buy from me and
I turn around and need to have replacement windows put in
my house. Thus ordering windows and employing a self employed
carpenter. See how your investment trickles on!!

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