Monday, April 14, 2008

Daffodils in the garden

4" x 6" original watercolor

My wife asked me to paint the daffodils from
her garden. She is always challenging me to
paint flowers. I think I usually over work them.
Flowers do not come naturally for me. First I
looked back to last April to see how I painted
them before because I was pretty sure this was a
reoccurring request and I wanted this years to
be totally different. I really took time to study them
and I painted these beauties in a garden setting.
I tried to keep a lighter hand and give a real outdoor
garden feel. I am happy with these. I noticed
some red tulips out there...
they may be next since I am now in the mood.

Lots happening around here. First was on Friday;
unbeknownst to me, Linda applied to the Longs Park show
which is a local show I could never get into. We stopped applying
several years ago and I guess Linda thought they would let me in
now, hometown boy with a pretty good reputation and it had been
years since I tried. I am so much more accomplished now and
Linda must have been pretty
confident so she applied without
telling me, as a big surprise for me. She is the one who got the surprise,
I was rejected! She was so, so, so mad. She stormed around here
all day. Took it rather personally. You would have thought it was
her rejection, I spent most
of Friday trying to console her and it was
not working.
It is safe to say I will never apply again...ever.
What a
money maker jury fees are. You pay a fee for the privilege
of a committee to look at your slides. It cost me $40. They claimed
to receive 1200 applications @ $40 = $48,000. Nice way to generate
revenue. They only accept 200 artist and craftsman so not getting
in is nothing to be ashamed of, but Linda wasn't hearing that either.
So no one mention it or you'll get an ear full! She has applications
spread all over the table again and is busy filling in my schedule.

Then on Saturday was our big track meet. I had a fabulous
time and the weather was perfect. My girls placed 2nd!!
This is out of 21 teams... and my boys placed 6th, still very good.
But, no resting, we have another meet tomorrow.

Our dance classes started again tonight. We are working on
learning a full Rumba routine. My part was pretty easy, Linda
was frustrated tonight. I'll keep you posted.


Delilah said...

Wonderful Painting I love it. I can't wait for spring..a few more weeks here.
I know all about those shows. I have almost stopped doing them because my break even cost $1000.00 before I start to make a dime.I think Zapp is the worse.

Andy Smith, artist ~ watercolors said...

I am ready for warm weather so I can ride bike! I have earned my living at shows for 30 years. I will say it has gotten much harder and your right, the break even amount is higher than the public understands. With gas costs I really have to think where I am going. Thank you! Andy