Friday, April 11, 2008


6" x 4" original watercolor

I found this old photo my parents took
and my Mom thinks its from Nova Scotia.
Anyway, the photo was old and grainy but
I was interested in all the patterns. The
way the water swirled around, the rocks
on the left, and the rolling hills.

I also need to make a correction from the
4/7 blog, I was told the building is actually
from Cooperstown, NY.

I have a BIG track invitational tomorrow so my
mind is on track!
There are 28 schools attending;
we usually do pretty well, I will keep you informed!
Linda has been having knee problems so we are starting
with her feet. She had orthotics made today and
has strengthening exercises to do. One of the
downfalls of being self employed is health insurance.
High premiums and a high deductible means you
do everything you can afford first! We also worked on
cleaning out our pond. It is only getting warm enough
for Linda to start working in her garden. My favorite
part of spring is watching her garden go from brown
dirt to varieties of green and then to the colors of the flowers.

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