Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tulips in the Garden

4" x 6" original watercolor

I used the same general idea as yesterday's
daffodils. The background is a little different
with a gate in the right corner and a little less
sky. When I went out early this morning the
tulips were still closed and I decided to paint
them like that, even though they opened when
the sun hit them. I am really learning something
about painting flowers, still my style and I actually
enjoyed myself. Its just the time thing that is
making it hard.

Here it is 10:30pm and I just finished painting. I started
early this morning but the drawing was a little complicated
and I had beginning washes on when I had to leave for my
track meet. The good, no great news is both the boys
and girls won tonight.
The boys were not expected to win
so I am extra proud of them. I got home around 7:30pm
and had to get right back to my painting. Abbey called to
talk to Linda a little bit ago and she also was still at work.
She had something that needed to go to the printer in the
morning and had to finish it. She said that DC is at a stand
still because of the Pope's visit. Ben has a few days off;
although he can work from home, but his work is closed
for a few days because the street is closed because they can't
get to his office. Anyway, I liked it better thinking Abbey
was safely home tucked into bed this late at night, not
calling for a cab at 11pm... this Father thing never ends!


Gerald Schwartz said...

Nicely done Andy.. made me feel and think of a place I had been as a child.. Good job..

Andy Smith, artist ~ watercolors said...

Thank you Gerald, I guess this has an East Coast look to it compared to CA! It is from my back yard.