Monday, March 31, 2008

Petite #6 ~ Tree

1 1/2"x 3" original "petite"watercolor

This little painting is packed full of detail.
The tree takes center stage however look
around, there is good shadows and the
background features a field and a small
barn on the right. These petites need
creative framing. I paint right up to the edge
so they need to be "floated" in a frame.
A shadow box works well.

We spent all of Sunday in DC. The blossoms
were everything they advertise and well worth
the drive. Lots and lots and lots of walking and
it was packed. Abbey was our tour guide otherwise
with the crowds it could have been a nightmare
trying to get around. After the blossoms we took
Abbey and Ben out to dinner. Finding a place to
eat gets difficult. The kids are strict vegetarian,

I eat most things and Linda is a little picky, not very
adventurous with her food. But we managed! Got
back home safely and I already have tomorrows
blossom painting sketched. Linda has several in mind
but I am not sure how well I can pull off pink...lots of pink!

I had track practice in the drizzle tonight. We needed
practice because we have our first meet tomorrow
against a good team. I am confident...
We also had our last dance class for this session.
We know enough FoxTrot and ChaCha to be
dangerous on the dance floor! We met a very nice
couple to go out dancing with. Now we just need to
find a place that plays big band music.