Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cloud Study #2

6" x 4" original watercolor

I continued my cloud study today.
This time I painted more blue sky and just
a few clouds floating by. Bare winter trees
give a foreground perspective and I added
a few flying birds...just because I felt like it!

Friday I worked on part of this painting but
had to stop so I could go set up for a show.
It was the kind I take about 12 paintings
and prints, hang on their displays, dress nice
and hang around. I left around 8:30pm because
it was to full to find a place to stand. I just did
not feel like painting when I got home. This
morning I had a track practice and then needed
to return to the show, pack up my unsold painting,

take Linda out to dinner, come home and finish the
painting. Sunday we are driving to DC to see Abbey
and Ben. We plan to take a cherry blossom tour.
Linda is pretty excited, the blossoms have been on
her list for several years. They are peaking and I
expect the city to be packed! Who knows, there may
be a blossom painting!!

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