Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cloud Study #1

6" x 4" original watercolor
contact the studio for a price:

I want to improve my paintings of clouds so
I am starting with this one. For perspective
there is a roof top and a tree line. It gives
you the impression of being on top of a
mountain. I wanted a big sky.

My day started early, I rode my bike at 6am.
At 7:30 Linda and I went to our local food pantry
to pick up a donation. We cleaned a little bit and
were back home by 9. Linda helped my Mom while
I studied clouds. To be honest, the actual studying
happened last night while I was working on the drawing.
By the time you start painting with watercolors you
need a good idea what your are doing.Anyway, I took
a break and we went for a quick lunch with
my in-laws and somehow I managed to finish my
painting in time to get to track practice. I hung
around to watch my kids who now run for the high
school run a meet which got me home late... I had
10 minutes to change for my evening class. My
students are used to me rushing around! This was

my last evening class for a while. It is just to hard
to juggle everything and my mind is on track!

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