Friday, February 22, 2008

Window View

4" x 6" original watercolor

Today was a cold, snowy, icy day so I focused on
something inside to remind me that spring is
just around the corner. I used my studio windowsill
as my model for today's painting. Linda keeps these
tiny bottles with flowers on the windows. This one
held a small pink carnation, one open and one with
a bud. Like me, waiting for some sunshine! I was
a little lazy and did not feel like painting in the
houses that are across the street, so I used artistic
license and put a blind with a tear in it on the top half.
Linda wanted me to tell you we really do not have a
blind, I think her words were; an awful looking torn
blind (must be a woman thing!). Anyway, on the lower
half I painted the reality of the day and season. Outside
my studio is a snow covered slushy road with tire tracks.

We found out today a dear friend was diagnosed with MS.
You are in our thoughts and hearts and I will put you on my
prayer list.

I guess you figured out I did not go to the show tonight.
I did not want to battle icy roads. I will be there the
rest of the weekend. See you in Hockessin, DE in the
morning. Look at yesterdays blog for the show info.


Elizabeth Parsons said...

by adding the shade and not painting the houses- it adds to the yin-yang feel of winter/spring. Very nice!

Andy Smith, artist ~ watercolors said...

Thank you! You got it!
That was what I was trying for.