Monday, February 25, 2008

Window Study #10

4" x 6" original watercolor $275.00

This is actually an interior window from
St. Augustine's Lighthouse. It has these
extra wide deep sills and the interior is painted
all white. I am interested in the way the
sunlight casts a warm reflection of the window
against the sill. I painted it so you do not
actually see the window, just the reflection.
It is a wonderful play of whites.

I had a very nice article in the Lancaster Sunday
Newspaper. It is to large to get on my blog so I
will think about a way for you to link it...I may need
to consult my web man. I am expecting an increase
in blog viewers, so if your new...welcome! I had to
increase my shipping fee, one small box is costing a
minimum of $8.00. I guess I am helping to pay the
trucks gas bill. I raised my fee from $6 to $7.
There is no extra packing fees since Linda does my
packing and she works pretty cheep!

Now that
I am showing again Mondays have their own
routine. I unpack the van first thing in the morning.
I pack and unpack the van constantly. I think of it as a
substitute gym workout! Linda generally goes through
everything, makes any painting repairs, restocks what I sold.
Monday's is also her day to punch
the sales into the
computer and update the mailing list. Once I fetch and
carry I escape to my Blog painting so I don't fall behind.


Elizabeth Parsons said...

very nice- very moody!

Andy Smith, artist ~ watercolors said...

I guess this does have a moody feel to it. I was focused on painting white within the white!