Monday, February 11, 2008

Pastoral View #5

6" x 4" original watercolor $275.00

I did not really plan on a focal point. But
the lake in the middle seems to draw your eye in.
The sky has a strong blue reflected in the lake.
Nice play in shades of greens with the fields in
the foreground against the tree filled mountains.
Simply pleasant to look at.

I finished my painting early due to our dance class. I found out
we practiced a step wrong all week. That's not good! Friday
we drove into Washington, spent the day at the Spy Museum
which was pretty neat. Then we went to Nat'l Portrait Gallery
to see the exhibit...
"Let Your Motto Be Resistance:African American Portraits".
We picked up Abbey and Ben and brought them home for the
weekend. It is always good to have them home. Ben's Dad did
the return trip. Tuesday I teach two classes and they are calling for snow
storms here. Luckily I get to stay home and my students can decide
if they want to venture out.

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