Thursday, February 7, 2008


6" x 4" original watercolor $300.00

This is the second in my car series. All that
chrome, and no silver paint in my palette! For
me it is all in the challenge of creating the illusion
of shine. And who doesn't love a Bugatti!

I am finishing very late tonight. I was out for a bike ride at
6am. Had breakfast at 8 with friends and then went to see
their new home. We then needed to take care of a few
things for my Mom and while out our car engine light came on.
Never fails, it only happens when we have a tight schedule.
Our Saab man is a half hour away, its 3pm, we have a client
coming at 4:15 and Linda is having dinner with an old school
friend she has not seen in 20 years at 4:30. To top it off we
need the car tomorrow because we are going to DC. Somehow
it all just works out, but not without anxiety. The car is patched,
a new part ordered. My blog is finished. Linda is happy to be
seeing Abbey tomorrow...all ends well.

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