Friday, January 11, 2008

Washington, DC #10

4" x 6" original watercolor

I had to paint this. Mostly because I embarrassed
both Linda and Abbey by taking photos inside this
very classy cafe. It is "Café du Parc" in The Willard
InterContinental Washington. A French bistro where
I sprang for coffee and pastries for my girls. It was
all I could afford here! Its 9am and our french waiter
was in a suit, the place was so upscale! So I painted
this just to be contrary and to please myself...
and maybe one other client out there!!

I am still painting the Washington pieces. I thought I
was getting tired of them and was thinking about some
interiors but I still have such good subjects so I may
just continue. We ran errands today, its Friday so that
means groceries for my mom, also the bank and the Library.
I found this CD at the Library that I played all afternoon while
finishing my painting. My Jelly Lord - Standard Time Vol 6
Wynton Marsalis. Nothing like cranking up some old roots
style jazz/blues, a little loud, while painting a french cafe...
I was totally inspired. I plan to ride bike with the bike club
in the morning and then go with friends to see the movie
Atonement. It seems like we are going out a lot lately but
once the shows start we are not able to spend time with friends.
Have a great weekend.

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