Monday, January 14, 2008

Evening #7

6" x 4" original watercolor

I am off Washington for a while, I needed a change.
I went with a night time piece. Light glowing from
the buildings. A gradually darkening sky. The
telephone wires creates the perspective. Just
a pleasant little piece.

I had a good weekend. I did not take the whole time off, I
roughed out the large gate painting I plan to start.
I need to
squeeze that in between the blog. So I did work a little. I
got out for a bike ride which felt great. Also went to the movies
and dinner with friends. We saw Atonement, a rather heavy
but good movie. We have Netflix so at home we watched Premonition
which took a little while to get into it but I liked it, and
which I also liked.

Today I painted and had someone stop in to watch. Linda was at
her desk all day trying to do her end of year stuff. Tonight we had
a Ballroom dance lesson at the Rec Center. Loved it. We took
lessons several years ago and had to stop due to family obligations so
it was nice to start again. We need some practice!


Elizabeth Parsons said...

I enjoy your paintings and your blog!

Elizabeth Parsons

Elizabeth Parsons said...

I love your small paintings and I enjoy reading your blog!

Elizabeth P.

Andy Smith, artist ~ watercolors said...

Thank you Elizabeth, It is always nice to hear what people think. I am always open to your comments and suggestions. Enjoy... Andy

NSABOB said...

Good work. Do you know Dean Mitchell's work?
Bob Ragland

Andy Smith, artist ~ watercolors said...

Bob, thanks for the support! I have never met Dean Mitchell but am very familiar with his work. Great paintings! Andy

Anonymous said...


This is among your best works. It is so peaceful,yet has an air of melancholy and foreboding. It could be an illustration for a Steven King novel. What is going to emerge from one of these houses?

Andy Smith, artist ~ watercolors said...

Alan, Thanks!! I have a "thing" for night scenes. I love the way interior lights shine outside, the way the moon glows and casts shadows. And there is nothing better than a full moon!! Hummm
Never stopped to really think about it to deeply!! Andy