Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bed #4

6" x 4" original watercolor

I felt compelled to paint an interior today.
There is a softness to this bedroom. It should
be obvious that its from a historical site. No one
lives like this anymore. Although its plain it
looks well kept. The bed is neatly made. I enjoy
painting the folds in the covers. My trademark
light is shining on the floor.

Tuesday is my teaching day and with two classes it keeps
me busy. I enjoy sharing my gifts with students, I actually
love teaching. I get a thrill in watching them improve.
I hope they are equally happy with the artistic camaraderie
and what they accomplish.
It is my mother-in-laws birthday today. Linda made a
birthday meal and a chocolate cake. I know she reads the
blog so I'll say a huge Happy Birthday. Linda is working
with our web guy to redesign my website. I thought it was
fine but evidently it needs refreshed. So she needs new photos
of me and wanted them right this minute, of course. I changed
my clothes, although I thought I looked ok. Then she looked
at me closely and thought I needed a shave. We're talking a
quick photo shoot. I thought the 5:00 shadow was thought of as
sexy right now. Mac Dreamy gets away with it! So as I am
walking off to shave I hear this...never mind you need a haircut too.
So the photo shoot is on hold! We did take time out from working
to practice our Rumba steps for a half hour. It is a nice way to
reconnect. I get to hold her hand, listen to music and she has
to follow my lead! Well, we're working on the follow part.

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