Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Boat Sketch

6" x 4" original graphite and watercolor

I changed things for today. I wanted to use my day to
work on a large painting. Usually my blog pieces take
4-7 hours and I needed to use my day differently.
Normally when I start a large painting I do a detailed
pencil sketch in my sketch book. This is just for me.
I work out the composition, practice the drawing and
play with watercolor washes. A wash is a thin coating
of paint. Just enough to get some color.
I decided to save myself some time by doing my sketch
as my blog painting. It is on the same good paper I always
use. Click over the painting and it should get larger. You
will be able to distinctly see the pencil lines.
I am offering this sketch at a starting bid of $30.

Below is the 19"x 13" painting I started. It will be 24"x18"
when framed. Notice my paper is taped to a hard surface
so I can move it around and paint on it. Because I did a
the above sketch, I had a map in my mind of how I wanted
it to look. After taping down my paper I draw my composition.
A plan for where the paint will go.

Now I am ready to paint. I started with the background.
There is a treeline which gives depth to the painting.
There are some rocks on the shoreline. I usually start in
the back and paint forward. My technique is to paint in
a series of washes, drying in between. So the piers and
the boat have the under painting or first sets of wash.
I worked on the sketch, the drawing and first set of
washes since 9am this morning. I stopped for meals and
to get my blog on and am going back to the painting. I
plan to paint till about 11pm tonight. I will show you more
tomorrow. Back to work.

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