Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fruit on table

4" x 6" original watercolor

Today I returned to what I love; a still life
with heavy emphasis on light and composition.
It is in the style I am most known for.

I was trying to work on my blog and my boat. So it is now
after 10pm and I just finished the blog. It was a busy day.
I started the morning with an interview from our local Sunday
News. It will be printed the end of February and I will share it
with you when its published. I was able to continue working on the
boat through the interview. Then we did some grocery shopping
and banking for my Mom, and from 3-5 we volunteered at the
food bank. So I needed a little more time tonight to get the blog
finished. As for the boat, you should be able to see progress.
Compare it to yesterdays blog.
I worked on the piers and put in the water. You can also see the
second boat in the back. It is no where near finished. I plan to
work on it most of tomorrow.
I am often asked how long it takes
to paint a large painting. There is no real answer to this. I simply
work on it until I know it is finished.
My guess for the boat is that I need all day tomorrow.

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