Friday, January 18, 2008


Finished! I started at 8am and just finished. I did not
work on a blog today, just my boat. If you go back
two days you can see how this painting started with
a sketch (the sketch is for sale) then the drawing and
the beginning washes yesterday. It has changed
dramatically from yesterday with the addition of many
layers of color. I have created depth and mood by laying
fog in the background. Study it and you should feel the
damp air. Click over it to make it larger. Notice the second
boat in the mist, the birds, and the rope tying the large boat.
This painting will be framed and priced next week. This is
not to be sold on ebay. It will go on my show stand. You
may view it again on my website under Originals. I am
happy to answer any questions about the process or purchase!

A few facts... If you are new to my blog I wanted to point out that
you can catch up on old posts by scrolling down until you see
Blog Archive on the right. Click on a month and you can view old
paintings and my musings. Also under the painting it says
"Click here for purchase information" Go ahead and click! It takes
you to Ebay and you can see the current bids. There is no obligation
to look. Signing up to bid is easy and if you win you have the option
to pay on line, send a check or call me with a charge card. What a
perfect way to build an Andy Smith Collection!! If you need help,
call or email me.

I have nothing exciting to tell you about today. I painted. That's it.
It was pretty quiet here. We are going away for the weekend with
another couple to visit friends who are now living in Frederick, MD.
Good company and good food. No painting! Have a great weekend
and I'll be back with a new blog on Monday.

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