Thursday, January 10, 2008

Washington, DC #9

5" x 5" original watercolor

This is a view out of a 5th floor window
in downtown Washington. You are looking down,
almost an aerial view. But at the same time
there is distance, the street leads out. I was able
to experiment with an impressionistic style. A
nice change from my usual tight work. All the
white in this painting is paper. I painted the positive
space around the negative space for those that
understand painting!

No fooling round today, I had to have my painting finished by
4PM because we are out tonight. I gave a talk to the Lititz
Lioness Club tonight. Early in my career I decided that I
would put myself out there. Its not easy for most artists but I do
speaking engagements, talk and demonstrate in schools, career
days, and retirements homes. Mostly I do this for free, tonight
included a free meal! I share my art and myself and attempt to be
a good African American male role model to anyone that is looking.
You never know where such things lead. The kids are my future
collectors, the ladies from the Lioness will help spread my good
name and the retirement homes remind me life is short. So
a few hours out of my day is well served.

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