Tuesday, April 2, 2024

2024 Still Life #17

UPDATE: Linda did not like the way the background and the curve of the bowl met so I reworked it and took a better photo in the sunshine...

mini original watercolor  $225
Almost monochromatic...

YOU ARE NEEDED:    I will be a GUEST SCOOPER at  Greco's Ice Cream, Kleine Lane in Lititz.
On Monday 4/8 from 5pm-7pm   PLEASE come out an let me scoop your favorite ice cream.  I want to be the BEST and BUSIEST guest scooper they ever had!!  Get it on your calendar!!

Great Update:  Today was my bloodwork and Oncology 6 month check up.  Got the all clear today, after a wonky looking cat-scan and then a rushed MRI, a few frayed nerves,  all looks good.    I do not need to see him for 6 months.  Thursday is my internal with the surgeon.  

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