Monday, May 15, 2023

- It's May - Flowers, Flowers Everywhere!

This weeks featured Flower PRINT is:
"Day Dreaming"
A quiet spot in the back yard, perfect for Day Dreaming!

unframed print: $45. OR framed 15x21 print: $115.
to order Send an email OR order on line
(shipping available at cost)
Signed, edition of 200.
Health Update: Finally today I am almost feeling human. I am on a break to rest up before the next phase. Hopefully get my appetite back, gain a little weight and get my numbers up. I have at least 2 weeks off. By off they mean no chemo however this week I have 3 appointments. First up is mapping for radiation, I drink 24oz of water one hour before...and hold it!  That sounds like fun!   Then cat scans, with 2 bottles of barium. Yummy.  Then on Friday, bloodwork with an oncology meeting.  Meanwhile, Linda scheduled 6 new walkers! Maybe to distract me?? I am not sure how much painting I will get done this week.

Andy Walkers Update: I am starting the week off with Jason B. He is well known in town, he does a lot for our community, and is a great real-estate broker (if you are looking for one!) Jason has bought a few paintings from me over the years.  We simply "know OF each other". He stepped up to walk me which is the perfect way to get to know someone a bit more. We had a great walk, did 2.5 miles.  I enjoyed spending time with him.

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