Monday, May 8, 2023

- It's May - Flowers, Flowers Everywhere!

New title for this week...- It's May - Flowers, Flowers Everywhere!
I am not up to painting today so I am featuring:

"Pink Lotus Blossom" original watercolor (no prints)
$500.       framed in black wood    18x14"

OR a print 

unframed print: $45.  OR    framed 21x17 print: $115.
to order Send an email   OR    order on line
(shipping available at cost)
A Lotus blossom.     Beautiful in a black wood frame! 

Health Update:  Good news… LAST IV Chemo, #8
Last time I have the take home IV!  Scheduled disconnect is Wednesday.
It was touch and go this morning, platelets dropped even lower than Friday.
Down to 83. Went ahead with Chemo only because it’s the last one. Hoping (expecting) it rebounds in my next 2-3 weeks off before starting radiation.
1st phase of cure is finished!   Planning on sleeping all day today.

Notice:  Due to the very low platelets all mumblety-peg, sword swallowing and jarts  have been cancelled!

Andy Walkers Update: Saturday walkers were Nancy & Chris S.
I met Nancy when she signed up for my Tuesday morning watercolor class years ago.   It did not take long to become friends and I met her musically talented Hubby. We have art and music in common. They picked me up and took me to Mount Gretna Camp Meeting grounds. Nice 
change of scenery, excellent conversation and comradery .

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