Monday, February 20, 2023

2023 Snow Geese #2

 mini original watercolor  $250.

I wanted to do one more!!  Middle Creek.

Studio Update: I am working on a new sunflower commission.  14x14" Here is my drawing.

Evidently we needed more excitement in the Smith household.  Last night at 3am Linda woke up and thought she heard an odd noise, so she comes downstairs to investigate and walks into 2" of water in the studio.  Yells for me...  I run upstairs to our almost finished, ready to rent apartment to another 2" of water and a busted pipe under the kitchen sink.  We shop vac'd till 5am.  Then today called our insurance company and Complete Restoration came out immediately. We lost about 30 prints and some originals have wet mats. We currently have fans running on all floors.  Waiting for results of asbestos.  At least it is my "good" week!

Blessing update: In all that's going on, Blessings still come our way!  I was SO hungry for an apple pie and one just shows up! THANK YOU John for thinking of me while you are out sightseeing in NJ and stopping at Delicious Orchards, a favorite. 

Thank you Lynne for a paper bouquet of daffodils, so cool! Thank you Claire for the CD. I think Linda would have preferred to have seen the show live but a CD is second best!

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