Tuesday, October 4, 2022

2022 Still life #29

mini original watercolor   $250.

I love the challenge of painting silver.  I probably should have drawn this smaller to get the whole lamp in however it was the base that moved me not the top glass.  I liked the challenge of getting the pattern painted.  So your minds eye will have to finish off the top!

I threw in some extra stock, a few more boxes of original paintings, our "costumes" and restocked the food box.  Ready for my last show of the season.

Waterford Fair
this Friday - Sunday from  10 to 5
Waterford, VA
I am at the Old School


sally said...

My son hopes to visit you at Waterford. It is a favorite outing from their home in Fairfax.

Andy Smith, artist ~ watercolors said...

Tell him to stop at my booth and say hello!!