Sunday, May 22, 2022

Tribute to Maggie

I want to post a HUGE tribute to a very special person.  
I received a call that one of the most important people who paid a pivotal moment in my life is not doing well. I immediately called her to chat and to thank her and tell her we will meet again...

Marietta Marguerite DuPont Sansone Alitz     I knew her as Maggie!
We met in 1988 at a show in Seaside Park, NJ. This wonderful woman approached me and gushed over my work, made a broad announcement she was going to sponsor a big one man show AND she followed through!  I was struggling, trying to show full-time and work a job to pay for the shows! Trying to decide at the end of each year if I wanted to keep going.  She simply was my champion, she believed in me and loved my paintings.

 Maggie puts together this exhibit.  

Here we are!

Maggie arranged a big TV interview (I have a copy of the tape)  and a newspaper article and lots of publicity.  She knew people!!

Maggie provided this huge exhibit space and Linda had to hang the paintings. There was a pianist and a fabulous food spread. To be honest, I was shocked when the place filled up.  I sold more than I had ever sold.

It was that point that I quit my other job and went fully full time.  She helped me understand I could do this.  She has been my champion  for 33 years and she will forever be in my heart.

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Pat Matz said...

This is beautiful, Andy and Linda!!! What a treasure in your friendship and connection with Maggie. Thank you for sharing this heartwarming story and the photos.